Message from Board of Members

Representative Director and President: Mrs. Vo Thi Hong Mai

Born in 1973 born in Ho Chi Minh City

Confident about the high-quality products with the professional service style we want to bring a peace of mind and absolute satisfaction to customers.

Our company with abundant capital investment, ensure the goods are always available, variety, fast delivery, stable prices, moreover with the warranty service, we are trying to deliver the best to our customer expectations.

Board of Directors – Mr. KAZUYA JOTANI

Born in 1969 and from Osaka Prefecture

In 1999 at age 29, I came to Vietnam Ho Chi Minh as a representative of a certain electric trading company and have launched a number of manufacturer’s home appliances & equipment items.

In 2007, due to the policy changes of a certain electric trading company and have the commercial rights in selling the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioner, the direct business of Haili Company in Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has been started.

Together work with a business partner – the CEO  Mrs. Mai, we have contributed a lot of dedication to the development of Haili Company. Started from zero but now sales revenue reached 40 MIL USD with capital investment is about 25 MIL USD.

In 2017, the company began the business of water purifier under the brand name of Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui. So far, in April 2018, the company’s air-conditioner department has about 80 employees, the water purifier department has about 50 employees, in total, the company has about 130 employees.

Two Japanese who can master in Vietnamese, Mr. Matsuo and Mr. Suzuki has been on site all shops in Vietnam together with Vietnamese sales staffs are doing actively as a role to deliver to the market voice for Japanese manufacturers.

The water purifier department has two more Japanese advisers, Mr. Irie and Mr. Shinozuka. With the support of five Japanese, along with 40 businessmen, including 20 water-purifier businessmen and 20 air-conditioner businessmen, all of them have been supporting each other to perform the activities business of the company.

About the strength of Haili, that is the network of sales of household electrical appliances with the Mitsubishi brand expanding, as well as network quality services.

As for the new water purifier department, the company is building a sales network that extends into the kitchen. With the operation of this extensive sales network, the company can expand its business to other items in the Vietnamese market. This is also a strong point of the company.

In addition, now the company has five Japanese consultants, so they can concentrate on finding the most suitable Japanese products for the Vietnamese market, researching and integrating into the company’s sales network.