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Water purifier Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui 


Since 2016, we started negotiating contract to become the official dealer of Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui in Vietnam. And after nearly a year of preparation(including testing water quality, developing product in accordance with Vietnam market), since 1st May 2017, we started selling the household water purifier products “Cleansui” as a formal importer to the Vietnamese market.

Cleansui Water Purifier is a product that has been studied and developed for over 30 years, equipped with the advanced filter technology, “hollow fiber membrane” which didn’t appear in Vietnam before. Cleansui has a varied range of products as counter-top product, undersink product, alkaline water ionizer, commercial type water purifier,   shower type water purifier.
















We have built a business strategy utilizing the internet network, with sales channels such as online sales, water purifier dealers, kitchen furniture dealers, restaurant-hotels-cafes, factories, office, foreign market, etc. With Cleansui Water Purifier, we provide delicious and safe drinking water to the Vietnamese.




















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